Gra pokój escape Secret of the Orphanage

Firma: New World 22

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5.0 / 5

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Nowy Świat 22/4 Street (II floor) 00-373 Warsaw ()

(+48) 792 822 222

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For many years people weren’t even certain this place existed. A center for orphans meant to replace their real home turned out to be a hotbed of evil. The children disappeared. Perhaps they left some clues. Search for all of the possible clues and make every effort to find out who was the real hero of their daring escape! YOUR MISSION: Come inside and find out what really happened in the orphanage, how the children managed to escape. Will you be able to decode their secret hints and – by following their track, escape from this ghastly place? The children’s whispers have started – you only have 60 minutes! (Minimum – 2 people. Maximum – 4 people.)

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