Gra pokój escape Murder in a bar

Firma: New World 22


Nowy Świat 22/4 Street (II floor) 00-373 Warsaw ()

(+48) 792 822 222

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This crime was discussed by all the citizens of Warsaw and even today the memory of what happened has not faded… but let’s start from the beginning. Long ago in Warsaw, at 22 Nowy Świat Street there was a bar „U Alojzego”. It was the best place to hang out in the city. The bar was managed by the well-known and respected Schmuck family. Until that ill-fated morning when a random pedestrian found the bar door broken… this led to a discovery that shocked the whole city and remains an unsolved mystery to this day. YOUR MISSION: You are the last hope! Come to New World 22 and take on the role of a detective, tasked with solving a secret from decades ago. Will you be able to unveil the dark secret that shocked Warsaw? There is a lot of circumstantial evidence and time flies… you have 60 minutes to solve the puzzle. (Minimum – 1 person. Maximum – 6 people.)

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